Wrinkle Filling using Fat Transfer – Injection Lipotherapy

Lip and wrinkle filling with a patient’s own fatty tissue is a technique applied by plastic surgeons where a patient prefers to plump lines and wrinkles using their own harvested fat cells instead of a manufactured filling agent.

Only a small quantity of fatty tissue is needed, so it is not necessary to have liposuction performed on large areas unless the patient is undergoing an additional procedure. Because the skin is plumped using the patient’s own fatty tissue, allergic reaction and hypersensitivity are not potential complications. Commonly treated areas include wrinkles between the eyebrows, nasolabial wrinkles, and wrinkles in the region of the lower eyelid.

About the Surgery

During fat transfer, fatty cells are harvested in such a way that they are minimally damaged, so as to remain intact. The harvested fatty cells are then cleaned and prepared for transplantation, then transferred to a hypodermic syringe, and injected into the areas to be treated.

Following administration, the fat is evenly distributed by gentle massage by the specialist.

The intervention is done in a well-equipped surgery room under local anesthesia.


After wrinkle filling with fatty tissue complications are very rare, since using the patient’s own fat cells inhibits potential allergic reaction.

Before wrinkle filling with fatty tissue, the detailed steps of the treatment, necessary after care and possible risk factors are discussed with the plastic surgeon in consultation.

Swelling and hemorrhage might occur on the treated area, but depending on the individual’s susceptibility these will only be visible for a few days; and with icing the healing progress can be quickened.


In order to protect the treated area, it is important to avoid strong and vigorous gestures and massage for several days after the treatment.

Depending on the area treated, 20% to 80% of the fatty cells will be absorbed, but certain areas of treatment may be more prone to lose volume rapidly, for example in the center of face the fatty tissues absorb more quickly, owing to the area’s good blood supply.