Asymmetric Breast Correction

Although no two sides of any human body are completely symmetrical, in some cases, asymmetry of the breasts can be significantly pronounced, resulting in uneven or underdeveloped breasts. Sometimes the differences can be due to a bony thorax, or be the result of scoliosis.

A significant 50% difference in volume and shape between right and left breasts is not rare, and can be corrected surgically. In cases like this, a surgical plan might involve a mastopexy (breast lift) on one side and augmentation with a breast implant on the other to achieve symmetry.

It is important to note, however, that as no two breasts on any woman are completely 100% symmetrical, the patient may remain critical in slight differences between the two breasts following surgery to correct asymmetry.

Breast Uplift - Mastopexy

Numerous breast-feedings or significant weight loss can leave behind unattractive after-effects, even on a young and beautiful breast. The breasts can become flabby, overstretched and saggy, which can be corrected with plastic surgery, restoring the younger-looking and “perkier” breast shape.

After a mastopexy, the surgical incision will always leave an inconspicuous, discrete scar.

There are several methods of uplifting the breast, which differ from one another depending on the direction of the surgical incision, and as a result will leave behind different scar formations. Choosing the most suitable method of breast uplift happens during the consultation with the plastic surgeon before surgery.

Important information: The results of a mastopexy and the newly formed shape of the breast is permanent, but further breast-feeding or significant weight loss can cause the beasts to sag again, which may require additional corrective surgery. For this reason, it is suggested to have the surgery after giving birth.

About the Surgery

Method of Anesthesia: general or epidural anesthesia
Duration of Surgery: 1.5 to 2.5 hours
Duration of Clinical In-patient Treatment: one night of clinical in-patient observation
Suture Removal: 2 to 3 weeks after surgery
Wearing a Specialized Bra: 3 to 6 weeks after surgery
Restriction from Exercise and Physical Strain: 6-8 weeks after surgery


Breast uplifts provide the patient with increased self-confidence, and the appearance of a rejuvenated, natural look, with “perkier” breasts even without a bra, and a more aesthetically attractive décolletage.

It often happens that the size of sagging breasts have to be altered surgically in order to obtain the optimal aesthetic result. Sometimes the sagging associated with having breast-fed causes the atrophy of the glandular substance, and in order to shape the breast to its aesthetically ideal form an implant may also be required in addition to the mastopexy surgery, which can often be performed simultaneously.

Mastopexy surgery can be performed simultaneously with breast reduction surgery, and in some cases with other surgeries.

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