Augmentation of Lips

The augmentation of lips restores a more voluminous, youthful outline, and can create additional volume where desired, thereby reversing the signs of aging and obtaining a more aesthetically attractive result.

Hyaluronic acid is injected in localized sites in the lips, plumping the tissue, and can even be used to correct genetic asymmetry. Moments after treatment, the patient can see immediate effects with little to no downtime, and can expect a result lasting 6 to 8 months, which is subsequently naturally metabolized by the body within approximately one year.

The treatment is not permanent, and should be repeated to achieve the optimal effect, however it is a relatively painless procedure that gives a fantastic result. The side effects of Hyaluronic acid fillers are minimal and complications are rare.

The augmentation of lips can also be performed with a permanent substance with the use of a needle, however the permanent fillers cannot be removed. For this reason, Hyaluronic acid injections are used first, and the quantity and aesthetic result of these can be used as a guideline in the subsequent application of a permanent plumping agent.

Augmentation of the lips by Hyaluronic acid injection can be repeated, if the patient desires additional volume in the lips.


Complications are rare with hyaluronic acid filler, however swelling of the lips can occur for a day or two after treatment.

Redness may occur but typically disappears after the treatment within a day or two.

The injection filler agent absorbs faster than usual in very rare cases due to individual features of the connective tissue.

The area injected must not be massaged for two days following treatment and the patient must avoid high temperatures for 72 hours.

There is a wide spectrum of products available for the hyaluronic acid treatment.

Fat Transfer to Lip

Where the patient prefers a “natural” alternative to manufactured lip-filler injections, the addition of volume to the lips can be achieved using the patient’s own fatty tissue.

The decrease over time of volume in the lips can be significantly restored with surgical transplantation of the patient’s own fatty tissue. Liposuction from fatty areas of the body (for example, the tummy or flanks) will enable the harvest of fat cells, which are then transplanted into the lips. Two fat transfers are typically needed for long-lasting results.

Fat transfer can also be used to correct contours, wrinkles and the hollows or dark circles under the eyes.

Surgical Lip Reconstruction

There are some cases in which a patient may feel there is a significant asymmetry or damage to the natural lip line, in which cases surgery may be the appropriate treatment.

It is possible to lift the corners of the lips (in order to surgically reshape downturned lips for more attractive “smiling” lips), or to change the arc of the vermilion border (the exposed red portion of the upper and lower lip) to alter and enhance the shape of the lips.

These surgeries are preceded by individual consultations and by computer design in all cases.

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