Body Lift

After weight loss, patients often find they are left with an excess of stretched skin that cannot regain tone or elasticity, which can be very unsightly and upsetting. A “body lift” is a relatively new term for a series of procedures that will correct and re-shape the patient’s body in several stages and using multiple techniques, many of which can be performed in a single surgery.

The average duration of body lift surgery is between 4 to 6 hours, during which excess fatty and skin tissues are removed from the areas of trunk, abdomen and hands. During further surgeries, breast, buttock and thigh lifts can also be performed, and liposuction can be used to further render contours more aesthetically pleasing.

About Figure Correction Plastic Surgery after Weight Loss

Surgical technique means choosing the location of the necessary incisions.

Because individual patients have carried weight in different places, the location where surgery is required varies depending on the patient’s desired outcome.

In most cases the removal of excess skin and fatty tissues begin at the upper side of the posterior trunk wall. This is followed by the excision (removal) of the skin and excess fatty tissues continuing along both sides of the axilla (armpit). The third step is the correction of breasts and excess upper abdominal skin.

For women, this procedure means that the breasts are lifted and reshaped with a mastopexy, which, if the patient desires, can also be performed while inserting a breast implant. When correcting the breast, three incisions are made; one around the areola of nipple, one vertical incision down from the nipple, and a third in the crease under the breast.

To correct a man’s chest, the excess fatty and skin tissue is removed from the breast and the abdominal areas by lifting the areola of the nipple, and by making lateral incisions leading towards incisions in the axilla (armpit).

If necessary, hands and thighs with excess saggy skin can also be corrected. The surgical techniques applied here are the same as in thigh lift and brachioplasty (arm lift) surgeries.

Following surgery, drains are inserted into the areas of incision in order to ensure the rapidity of healing.

Convalescence Period – Recovery and Risks

The Da Vinci Private Clinic provides the best in aftercare following surgery, and after a body lift 2 nights of clinical observation under specialist care are required.

Absorbable sutures are used in surgery so as to leave the patient with significantly less visible scarring and ensure rapid healing; also ensuring the patient does not have to endure the unpleasantness of suture removal. On the chest and in the superior (upper) part of the back, drains are inserted to speed healing. Pain, sensitivity (or loss of sensitivity), swelling, and ecchymosis (suffusion) cease 3 weeks after surgery.

In the first week a carer (usually a family member or close friend) will be required to aid with the patient’s daily routine.

Immediately following body lift surgery, the patient will begin to wear a compression garment specially designed to support the body as the patient heals. This garment is provided by the Da Vinci Clinic, and will need to be worn for at least 8 weeks.

During the first two weeks of recovery all strenuous physical activity is to be avoided, and following the surgeon’s approval, the patient can gradually return to his or her previous lifestyle.

Light exercise can be started approximately 3 weeks following surgery.

The use of solariums, saunas and sunbathing are to be avoided for 2 months following surgery.

The patient must attend follow-up appointments in order to monitor the results on the 7th and 14th days after surgery, then again at the 6th and 12th week.

The exterior scars heal with approximately 6 months, while interior scars take longer to heal, approximately 2 years to heal completely.

In order to minimize scarring, the applications of scar treatment creams are recommended.

During examinations prior to surgery, all risk factors are discussed with the patient, but despite this, the patient must be aware of the implications of unforeseeable complications.

Body lift surgery is now considered a routine plastic intervention, and complications arising after surgery are minimal, but should not be ignored. Complications might include can be the development of a scar healing disorder, haematoma, serous effusion and keloid scar formation.

The Result of Body Lift Surgery

Body lift surgery has immense positive physical and psychological effects, and patients can feel increased self-confidence with mere traces of the physical (and psychological) weight left behind, allowing the patient to freely enjoy sport and social activity that prior to surgery may have seemed embarrassing or unlikely.

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