Corrective Ear Surgery

Prominent ears “sticking out” can be an embarrassing problem, even at a young age, however surgical treatment can remedy issues of large or asymmetric ears from the age of 5.

During the correction, the cartilage of the auricle is molded for a permanent result. A barely noticeable, thin suture line is left behind the ear. On the front side of the auricle no signs of scarring can be seen. The surgical correction of prominent ears does not affect hearing.

Corrective ear surgery is performed under local anesthetic without any pain, and the patient can go home following surgery.

Method of Anesthetic: local anesthetic
Duration of Surgery: ½ to 1 hour
Duration of clinical treatment: outpatient
Bandage: 1 week after surgery
Wearing of Headband: 3 weeks after surgery
Suture Removal: 1 week after surgery
Sick Leave: 1 week

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