Corrective Skin and Nail Procedures

Occasionally the skin or nails may develop aberrations for which removal may be desired from an aesthetic viewpoint. A dermatologist can diagnose these conditions and suggest treatments options, which may include surgical removal. The dermatologist will then refer the patient to a plastic surgeon, who may be required to treat the condition (also called an ‘intervention’) so as to inhibit or minimize scarring or deformity.

Even in the case of a simple excision, the direction of the incision, application of tissue-friendly techniques and specialized suture techniques are very important in the interest of leaving behind a barely noticeable scar.

About the Surgery

Interventions are usually done under local anaesthesia. Aesthetic solution is injected into and under the skin, and then depending on the size of the aberration and the surgical technique employed, the surgery is performed, which can take between a few minutes to an hour. The wound is then dressed with sterile dressing following the operation.

After the Surgery

Depending on the location of the wound, bed rest and dressing aftercare are advised, and the wound cannot come into contact with water for 1 to 2 weeks. The sutures will not be removed earlier than a week after surgery, but in most cases, they are removed at 2 weeks, depending on the size of the excision. The patient must not engage in intense physical exercise for 4 to 6 weeks after surgery.


Hematoma, hemorrhage, development of serous effusion, wound infection, wound dehisce, pathological scarring.

Ambulatory surgical services of The Da Vinci Private Clinic are performed under local anaesthesia in an operating theatre, after consulting with a dermatologist and a plastic surgeon. These services include:

  • Mole (naevus) excision (with histological examination)
  • Scar correction
  • Removal of accident scars, burn and pathological scars (hypertrophic, atrophic)
  • Removal of keloids
  • Removal of ingrown, inflamed or fungal nails

The patient can go home after the intervention and is to adhere to instructions provided by the surgeon. An appointment for the removal of sutures will be scheduled a week later.

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